My name is Erin, and I’ll be your tour guide

I’m taking a huge leap today. I’m taking this blog extra public. This blog had been something I kept private for a couple of years so anything I said in it didn’t worry me that much. Any discomfort from being sad, sick, single, or solitary was for my eyes only, so it didn’t matter what I wrote.

Call it a midlife crisis or call it a calling, but because I tend to feel most helpful when I can assist in making people feel less alone in whatever they may be dealing with, I’m taking this blog public. 

This isn’t an IPO. You can’t buy shares of me and, quite frankly, I’m still working out a writing schedule so don’t get too excited….yet. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been something of an unofficial tour guide for other people’s personal journeys.

  • Need help dissecting the subtext of a text? I’m your girl
  • Can’t navigate the choppy waters of not being an arsehole vs. giving zero f*cks? I’m the person you want to talk to
  • Need to talk it out and get some third party validation that, yes, that person was being a jerk and you have every right to be angry? Let me pull up my therapist couch and let’s spill some tea

See what I mean? A total tour guide

If you read the About the Spinster page on this blog you’ll understand the name behind it. I’m trying to build something of a personal brand for myself as someone who can help others navigate stuff… but not from a mommy blogger perspective or a single city girl blogger on a quest for love.

No, my brand is more: It’s okay that you don’t always fit in with everything or everyone. It’s okay to be the oblong peg in the room full of very round holes. You’re still a bada*s my friend. 

I’ve spent most of my life never feeling like I fit in and now that I have the means to speak about my experience, I’m darn well going to try. No matter what your gender or your couplehood status, grab my hand and let’s go…


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