the book of life

Does anyone else get excited about their birthday… or is it just me?

Maybe it’s because 43 was a gargantuan pain in the tuchus…or maybe because I’m going out dancing with my friends tonight, but I woke up this morning with a renewed zeal for life. A pep in my step if you will. It’s as if the universe and my guardian angels conspired while I slept and decided: THIS IS THE YEAR WE SHALL GIVE HER WONDERFUL MERRIMENT.

And BAM. Just like that. I woke up happy. Today. My 44th Birthday.

It also could be that the book I talked about last month is taking shape. My writing has become a form of therapy and the pages are like miniature sessions; each with its own vulnerability and lesson.

The format of the book is a little different and once I get to a point where I can say I’m almost done, I’ll drop some bigger reveals. But for now, here’s a little taste of what I’ve been working on.


All of this heartbreak and loss will lead you to some fundamental truths that will become the foundation on which you build everything else in your life going forward. Things you’ll learn this year include:

  • You really do want to change the world… and you shouldn’t let anyone make you feel bad for it. I don’t care who the company is or what job they’re offering, if they make you feel bad for wanting to make the world a better place, then the joke is on them. The world needs people like you so DO NOT go changing yourself or feeling sad about a lost opportunity.
  • Use rejection as a catalyst. So you didn’t get the job. Guess what, you figured out something about yourself that gave you focus and a sense of purpose for the jobs you do want. Also, those guys who didn’t want to date you? While they’re entitled to their opinions, their loss is not only your gain, but also your win. Your thirst for turning hurt into humor will win you awards, admirers, and accolades for years to come.
  • Don’t let fear stop you from doing things. One of the things you finally start to figure out this year is how short life is. You may never get another chance to try that one thing or tell that one person how you feel, so don’t be afraid of what might happen if you do. Worry more about what might not happen if you don’t. Whether that’s telling your crush you like him or standing up for yourself against the gaggle of mean girls, resist the urge to shrink yourself and not be seen. Stand up and be seen and heard.
  • Use your voice and speak up. You’ve been quiet or silent for so much of your life that the world isn’t quite sure what to do with you once you open up. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself or to ask the questions that you used to be afraid to learn the answers to. Asking and learning is far more productive than staying silent and not knowing.
  • Love is all around. It’s not just romantic, but familial, and friendly. Love is what will make you feel cared for during your darkest days and what you will give to others during their most trying times. My dear sweet girl, you’ve always struggled to feel loved and wanted by others. There are half a dozen reasons for that, but love always feels elusive or that it skips over you in an almost unfair way. And self-love, no matter how many times you hear about it, makes your head spin because some days you feel like you have it, and other days you don’t. Trust in God, the Universe, or even Cupid. Love comes in all forms and romantic love will make its way to you.
  • Recognize the difference between love and lip-service. While love is all around, so are those who will say just about anything to get something. Be careful not to focus all of your energy on those who are telling you what you want to hear. Don’t confuse attention for intention. Love is your friends checking up on you when you’ve suffered a devastating loss. Lip service is those people you know who reach out to you when they need your advice.

book of life

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